Champagne Val Frison
14 rue François Jacquelin
10110 Ville-sur-Arce

Valérie Frison

Champagne Val Frison will be represented at this year’s Taste-of-Spirits as the exclusive champagne exhibitor. Valérie Frison runs biodynamic viticulture and produces champagne with the least possible intervention in natural processes. The fermentations are carried out in barrels without the addition of yeast or bacteria. They take place naturally and at their own pace. SO2 is used in a reduced dose and in a reasonable way.

The wines then mature in barrels on the fermentation yeast until bottling, which usually takes place in June of the following year of the harvest. After disgorging, the wines are not dosed (no added sugar) and they receive no sulfur.

The winegrowing area has 6 hectares of vineyards around the town of Ville-sur-Arce in the Côte des Bar. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are mainly grown here. About 7,000 bottles are produced annually.

Valérie will present her unique vintage cuvées and explain the typical characteristics of the terroir.

Valérie Frison (Photo © Champagne Val Frison)

The typical characteristics of our terroirs
are reflected in our wines.