The Vienna Craft Distillery

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Vienna Craft Distillery
Johann-Weber-Straße 35
A-1210 Wien
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Vienna Craft Distillery

The Vienna Craft Distillery is the first artisan distillery in Vienna. In addition to gin and whiskey, some other distillates are produced here as well, and of course with the highest quality standards..

Karl P. Egger founded the Vienna Craft Distillery in 2015, thereby fulfilling his professional dream job. His credo is: »Natural aromas have fascinated me since my childhood. It is the search for the real flavors that drives me when I make gin. With great passion, I work to fill roses, orange, cardamom, violet root, juniper and the great abundance of wonderful aromas of nature and to fill them in bottles without any falsification.«

Let the »Distillery Master« explain the way he works and taste the high quality spirits of the Vienna Craft Distillery.

Mizzi, the Destillery (photographed by Lichtbildstube am Alsergrund)
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