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Rhum Toucan

is agriculturally produced in French Guiana – not far from the equator line – in the east part of the South-American continent. The dense jungle is also the original habitat of the toucan. This magnificent bird with its colorful beak is the namegiver of the Rhum Toucan label.

On the edge of the jungle there are located the sugar cane fields, which give the Rhum Toucan its incomporable flavor. The rum is distilled according to centuries of tradition by the Distillery of Saint Maurice, whose rum productions have already received several international awards (prix d’excellence du concours général agricole).

Catherine Arnold (picture rightside) from Toulouse will be at Taste of Spirits as a exhibitor and will introduce you to these wonderful rums. Taste the Toucan Rums “White”, “Vaniliane” and “Boco” with their wild, lush-equatorial aromas. You will be impressed!

Die Toucan-Rhum-Palette: Boco, Rhum Blanc and Vaniliane (photos ©

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