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coffeetime roastery
Franzosenhausweg 51, 4030 Linz
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coffetime roastery

Coffee smells like freshly milled sky. Between coffee sacks of jute, buckets full of freshly roasted coffee and on the side of my coffee roaster, I feel at home.

– Jessi Lane Adams

At the end of 2018, Christoph Feistritzer started his own business as a coffee roaster and now roasts different types of coffees in the small manufactory, the coffeetime roastery in Linz. The one rather strong roastedon espresso with flavors such as dark chocolate and popcorn, the other oneroasted brighter on filter, so that fruity flavors such as plum or sour cherry come to light.

As a trained confectioner with great joy and enthusiasm for taste, he always strives to express his passion and enthusiasm for excellent food and drink even when roasting. It was his love for the various methods of preparation and the variety of flavors and aromas of various coffees that aroused his desire to constantly broaden this horizon.

The huge range of different coffee varieties and its special characteristics, he brings now with the single-origin roasting in the cup and offers so the tasteful variety of the individual coffees.