Bourgoin Cognac
le vrai cognac de vigneron
6, route de tarsac 16290 Saint Saturnin

Frédéric Bourgoin

For the second time, a Cognac exhibitor is also represented at „Taste of Spirits“. We are delighted that Frédéric Bourgoin arriving from France is again coming to offer his innovative Bourgoin Cognac for tasting.Frédéric is, of course, available for expert talks in „Micro Barrique“.

BOURGOIN COGNAC is a handcrafted Vigneron Cognac. The family business is located at Tarsac, a village of the municipality of Saint Saturnin, Charente (France). „Micro Barrique“ means that only XO cognac is used, which is older than 20 years. The special feature is that the finish is done in a 10-liter “crocodile charred barrel”. This maturation produces a subtle and smooth cognac. See for yourself!

Photos © Bourgoin Cognac

Our cognacs are sincere and authentic.
Frédéric Bourgoin