Bierol GmbH
Sonnendorf 27
A-6334 Schwoich

Bierol, the Beer anarchists from tyrol

Frontiers are only there to be crossed – Maximilian Karner, Christoph Bichler und Marko Nikolic, all of them agree on this. The three freaky beer brewers from Schwoich in Tirol – a tinkerer, a perfectionist and a sales genius with a diploma as a biersommelier – have stirred up the Austrian Craftbeer scene since 2014. With unconventional, high-quality beer creations that other breweries do not dare to develop.

For the three Craft beer means passion, craft beer means creativity, craft beer means innovation. It means that you can rave out as a brewer. All in all, craft beer is what different cross-thinkers develop independently and that forms a great whole!

Taste the artisan brewed Bierol creations and the brewers will let you in the secrets of the independent Tyrolean art of brewing!

Maximilian Karner, Christoph Bichler and Marko Nikolic (Foto Kressl)

Life is too short to drink bad beer.
The Motto of Bierol