ASPASIE, Paul Ariston

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Champagne Aspasie
4 et 8 Grande Rue
51 170 Brouillet
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a 5th generation French winemaker of the new generation tries to further develop his champagnes with new impulses to highlight the special or distinctive taste. The interpretation of his champagnes uses traditional means – expansion, assemblage i.e. marriage of base wines, storage and dosage are the most important variation elements. Aspasie’s approach to use elements of biodynamic cultivation, respecting the nature in the vineyard and the uniqueness of his chalk soils, is all reflected in his champagnes. The experience is pure “Terroir” to smell and taste. His champagnes are mature and embody his passion for wine making.

He is a wine maker who cherishes quality, originality and individuality. You will get to know this incredibly charming winemaker couple, and can listen to their exciting stories and tales of “Terroir” and styles of champagnes as well learn about the ancient fossils in their vineyards.

Paul Ariston, Aspasie
Paul Ariston, Aspasie (Photo ©

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