Cognac Pierre de Segonzac
La Nérole
16130 Segonzac
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Pierre de Segonzac

This year, for the first time, Pablo Ferrand from Cognac Pierre de Segonzac will be here as an exhibitor. Pablo will introduce the traditional cognacs of Pierre de Segonzac.

In 1702 Jacques, the ancestor of the family, began distilling and storing the products of his vineyards. His descendants continue this tradition until today. Pierre Ferrand produces exclusively old and prestigious cognacs in the heart of Grande Champagne.

„To make the best cognac, you have to grow the grapes, press the wine and distill it. Then you look at how the wine ages. There are cognacs in my cellars, produced by my father, my grandfather and his father“, explains Pierre Ferrand, founder of Pierre de Segonzac.

The brand Cognacs Pierre de Segonzac has been associated with the Ferrand family for more than 10 generations. It stands for the tradition and the claim to produce only the best cognac.

Distilled with passion.
The Cognac of Pierre Ferrand